Chained Echoes Demo Now Available on Steam

Do you fancy yourself a fan of JRPGs from days gone by? Are you by chance a fan of giant mechs? If you answered “hell yes” to either of these questions, then you should probably check out Chained Echoes. Backed by Kickstarter, this game inspired by SNES classics does its own things with mechs and offers a level of visual detail that goes far beyond what we would see in even 32-bit hand-crafted JRPGs. To celebrate Gamescom, a playable demo was released and will be available on Steam untilĀ  September 7.

With an epic soundtrack and gorgeous pixel art that is full of life and detail, the world comes to life with things like detailed rust on the side of ships, crumbling bricks on buildings, and gears turning in a vactory setting. The overhead battle system looks pretty unique for a turn-based setup, and you can still do things like explore the world while dealing out damage and flying around in your mech. Mech battles take place from a side-on perspective, offering up something a bit different visually. The game has a planned release of Q4 2021, and if it looks like something you’ll enjoy, check out the spoiler-free demo.