Chaos;Head Noah Launches on Steam and Switch

Developer and publisher Spike Chunsoft have been through the loop with their latest release – Chaos;Head Noah. The visual novel is the latest English release in the famed “science adventure” series which began with Steins;Gate. The game was planned for release on Steam and Switch – but then Valve stepped in to ruin their plans.

Valve rejected the game from release unless they removed some amount of content. Spike Chunsoft were unwilling to remove content from their game so the ban held firm. Fans rallied together over this news as others looked on in confusion. For note, Chaos;Head Noah is not an “adult” game so Valve’s stance seemed unusual, given some of the much more extreme content allowed on the platform.

After all this drama, Valve reversed course and determined the game could release on Steam unaltered. As such, folks can now buy Chaos;Head Noah on Steam for $24.99 or on Switch for the same price.