Charming Puzzle-Platformer ElecHead Coming to Switch This Summer

There were a few surprises sprinkled about today’s latest, twenty minute Indie World presentation from Nintendo. And if you’ll pardon an admittedly more personal bias cropping up, in regards to what was so clearly a stand-out announcement, it was the reveal that last year’s delightful little puzzle-platformer ElecHead, is coming to Nintendo Switch. Developed — and self-published — by lone developer Nama Takahashi, ElecHead’s premise is a relatively simple one.

Every surface you come into contact with, conducts electricity. Shifting from the usual steel-blue shade to a more contrasted orange. In doing so, players must progress through a series of elaborate puzzles in which it’s as much about coming into contact with certain surfaces and objects, as it is not coming into contact. Indeed, as simple a get-up the game’s visuals and presentation might imply, ElecHead is a rather cleverly-designed puzzle title. A title that doesn’t outstay its welcome and wound up being a surprising highlight for fans of the puzzle genre last year. No release date yet, but puzzle enthusiasts should be on the look out for ElecHead when it launches on the Switch later this Summer.

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