Charming Runner Harold Gets Vague Fall 2014 Release

Runner games have their ups and downs (but mostly non-stop rights), and it seems like for every decent runner we’re hit with five or six games so bad they’ll melt your phone. Luckily, the upcoming runner/platformer/guardian angel simulator ‘Harold’ looks to be squarely in the former category.

In this upcoming PC title, you play as a guardian angel working to protect a runner with an absolute death wish. You must guide him through a series of perilous levels by either manipulating the level itself or providing Harold with some much needed encouragement (possibly in the form of lightning to to back). Tough love is the best motivator, after all.

The game looks cartoony and charming and seems to have just enough ideas to separate it out from the swarm of other runner titles available. It also just received a new trailer, so those looking to see exactly what the game is about can check it out below. The video ends with a promised released date of Fall 2014, so it will probably be coming out soon. Maybe.