Chasing Static Comes Out From the Shadows on October 14

Headware Game’s callback to the PS1 horror-thriller heyday, Chasing Static, finally has a release date for PC. Horror fans will be able to start plunging the secrets of rural North Wales on October 14. Of course, the question now is whether or not it’s a plunge one really wants to take. Horror games might just be the hardest to get right, as the horror must strike that near perfect balance between underwhelming and overbearing in order to succeed. The trailer below seems to suggest that Chasing Static might just manage to pull it off, but one can never be too sure.

After traveling to North Wales to attend his father’s funeral, Chris Selwood apparently finds himself being drawn ever-deeper into a web of lies, conspiracy and all around grim history. With the player at the helm, Chris needs to get to the bottom of this via solving all matter of puzzles and avoiding hostile entities.

The key tool here is the “Frequency Displacement Monitoring Device,” which enables Chris to track certain signals and listen to otherwordly audio left behind in the locations he’ll be exploring. Without this tool and the information it can provide, hope for Chris might very well be lost. Between this and its throwback, 32-bit era presentation, Chasing Static seemingly has a lot to offer fans of classic horror games.

Chasing Static launches on October 14 for PC via Steam and will be coming to consoles sometime in 2022.

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