Chatty Guns and a Mad Universe in High on Life Reveal Trailer

The thing that’s hard to really grasp about alien life is that it’s alien.  Biology, sociology, and everything else that makes up a functioning lifeform is bound to be very different, but nobody really expected humans to be the equivalent of licking a very specific breed of toad to the invaders.  Now there’s an intergalactic black market of humans being exploited by a vicious cartel, so humanity is going to need to send up a bounty hunter to take down ever single one of the drug-running aliens, all while coming to grips with a unique arsenal of talking guns.

High on Life is the next release from Squanch Games, the studio started by Rick & Morty’s Justin Roiland.  Like everything he’s involved with the game has a unique and instantly-recognizable sense of humor, and while you can see Justin Roiland’s artistic influence in the character design this is a very different look from Trover Saves the Universe or any of the other project he’s been involved in.  Despite the more realistic-ish style the comedy will still flow, especially seeing as all the weapons and tools are alive and talkative.  Knives love to get all stabby, guns are perfectly fine with sacrificing their bullet-children, and the game promises a good number of other NPCs with their own perspective on the story.

The High on Life reveal trailer may not be particularly sane but it’s a whole load of fun, with its FPS action taking place over a number of worlds against all sorts of bizarre creatures.  It’s a big weird universe out there, maybe a bit more strange than humans are ready for yet, but seeing as we’re the latest fashionable high we’re going to need to get up to speed quickly.  Preferably by filling a whole lot of drug-runners with a whole lot of holes in shootouts ranging across a busy, lively, and highly detailed galaxy.