Check Out Fall Guys World Warriors’ New Street Fighter Costumes

At the rate it’s going, it probably won’t be terribly long before just about every major video game series has had its turn in the Fall Guys spotlight. This time, it’s Street Fighters time to shine in the Blunderdome via new costumes and nameplates that will soon be added to the store.

As seen in the trailer above, Ryu, Cammy and Akuma are the going to be their series’ reps in Fall Guys’ rough and tumble competitions. Whether they’ll be purchasable via in-game credits or only the premium currency remains to be seen, but hopefully there will be more than one pathway to acquiring one’s preferred costume. A new “Hadouken” emote, new nicknames and new nameplates are also coming as part of Fall Guys World Warriors, so hopefully everyone will be able to pick up something they can enjoy.