Check Out Four Minutes of Kunai Gameplay

Earlier this week, a release window of Early 2020 was given to Kunai, the quirky metroidvania game from The Arcade Crew and developers Turtle Blaze. But this meant it wouldn’t be released in 2019 as originally planned, and that we’d have to wait longer before we could see our tablet-headed robo-ninja hero in action. Or maybe not, as it appears. A new four-minute clip was now released alongside the news, showing off various gameplay sections from Kunai, which you can check out below.

The video is essentially divided into three different parts, showcasing a bit of variety. First we have some fast-paced side-scrolling action as our hero boards an airship, slashing their way through enemies in an autoscrolling segment, even managing to deflect bullets back at them after an evil captain demands they fight back even harder. Then we get a segment showing the more wide and open parts of the game’s world, with a focus on using the titular kunai to swing around, climb up to new areas, and explore. Finally, we get a boss battle against Furious Ferro, a blob-like creature that can climb the walls and drop enemies on yoy…right before it whips out some gatling guns and kills our hero. Hopefully other players will fare better when Kunai hits the Switch and PC in 2020.