Chicory Creators Return With Beastieball, a Monster-Collecting Volleyball RPG

How exactly does one follow up a game like Chicory: A Colorful tale, which garnered a ton of acclaim and was even a Game of the Year contender for some folks? Well, if you’re Wishes Unlimited, you keep up your streak of beautifully wholesome games by deciding to put a unique spin on the monster-collecting genre by crafting a volleyball RPGs where friendship, proper care, and teamwork are keys to success. This particular spin takes the form of a game known as Beastieball, which made its debut during the Day of the Devs Summer Game Fest showcase, which you can check out below.

Truthfully, as explained in the video, Beastieball may arguably be more of a monster-recruiting game instead of monster-collecting, as the titular Beasties are creatures that have evolved to play sports and will only join you team under certain conditions. Once they join, the unique friendships that they form with other Beasties on your team help create special combo moves, which can end up giving you the edge when making your way through the official league. No release window or platforms have been announced yet, but a crowdfunding campaign is in the works, so stay tuned for any further news on that.

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