Children of Morta Adds Animals With New Paws and Claws Charity DLC

Dead Mage’s impressive roguelike game Children of Morta has had a large emphasis of family, focusing on the Bergson clan and their relationships as they try to battle a corrupting force. But now the developers have given players a significant new addition to the family with the new Paws and Claws DLC. And as seen in the trailer below, not only does this add new content to the game, but it’s all for a good cause.

The DLC adds an animal shelter to the Bergson house, where various animals such as deer, birds, and more can visit, and where players will be able to feed and look after them. In addition, the Bergsons gain specific animal-related boosts, as well as more interactive events at home. But most important of all is that one hundred percent of the proceeds from the Paws and Claws DLC go towards the Humane Society International charity, meaning all purchases help real-life animals in the process. So if you have four dollars to spare, you can get even more content for Children of Morta while supporting charity, meaning everyone benefits from a nice gesture such as this.