China Officially Ends Console Sales Ban

While there were a great deal of rumblings that China would allow video game consoles manufactured abroad to be sold within its borders, the day for policy change has finally come.

Before this change, consoles made in other countries could only be sold within the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, a 120 km area within the massive Chinese city. There wasn’t really a chance for companies like Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft to take advantage of potential sales in the largest country in the world due to this tiny area’s constraints. Speaking on behalf of Sony Computer Entertainment, an anonymous spokeswoman noted that, “This is great news for us.”

What this means for the global console market is anyone’s guess, but one can only assume that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will aim to create titles aimed at the Chinese video game market, which is currently¬†valued at roughly $22 billion. One thing is definitely certain, a whole heck of a lot more consoles are about to be sold now that this massive consumer base has finally been unlocked.