Cho Dengeki Stryker Lands on Steam

Do you dislike visual novels on the basis that they seem to all be about romance? If that’s the only thing stopping you from plopping down with games of the genre then allow me to introduce Cho Dengeki Stryker. It begins with a young boy named Yuuki Yamato who wishes more than anything to become a superhero from the Dengeki Styrker comics. Somehow, he gets to make this wish a reality, and becomes the famed hero. Of course, his wish also brought villains from the manga to life…

Cho Dengeki Stryker backs up its action-heavy storyline with tons of frantic CGs, fight scenes, full voice acting, and even a handful of animated segments. There are also many story paths and endings to explore with each heroine. Because of this there are many choice segments to mess with over the approximately 30 (or more) hours of game time.

It’s worth noting that the Steam release is the All Ages Version which means no explicit sexual content is included. If you want the “full” experience then you’ll have to buy Cho Dengeki Stryker on MangaGamer’s website. Purchases through their storefront do include a Steam key, though. The Steam price is currently discounted 45% to $19.24. On the other hand, buying Cho Dengeki Stryker via¬†MangaGamer costs $44.95.