Narrative Sci-Fi RPG Citizen Sleeper Awakens on May 5

With In Other Waters, developer Jump Over The Age crafted a fascinating and unique adventure that saw players attempt to navigate the dark and naturally spooky horrors of an alien ocean. With their new game Citizen Sleeper, though, they introduce an even greater, more frightening threat to deal with: Space capitalism. As a digitized human consciousness stuck in an artificial body, you become known as a Sleeper as you try to avoid the corporation that owns your body, hiding out in a ruined space station known as Erlin’s Eye and trying to start a new life. But in a game that borrows elements from tabletop RPGs, this means how well your new life goes can up to the roll of a die…

As seen in the trailer below, Jump Over The Age are once again using minimalistic sci-fi visuals to good effect as you interact with the various areas of Erlin’s Eye, though this time around we also have a colorful cast of characters to view and interact with, as drawn by French comic book artist Guillaume Singelin. We also get a look at how the dice you roll can affect various actions, a peek at the skills you can develop, and a nifty soundtrack by Amos Roddy. And this promising narrative RPG will be due out next month on May 5 courtesy of Fellow Traveller, arriving on PC, Switch, and Xbox platforms (where it will be available on Xbox Game Pass at launch), so keep an eye out for it.

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