Civilization VI About to Hit 1,000,000 Copies Owned on Steam

In case you haven’t heard, Civilization VI has taken the world by storm. Countless employees have taken days off of work to begin conquering the globe, and thanks to a host of new changes, players new and old have found a reason to go back to one of the most successful PC franchises of all time. However, with the strategy title only out for a week and change at this point, many couldn’t have predicted this level of rapid success. According to the numbers over at Steam Spy, which do a pretty accurate job of gauging how many copies of a given title are active on Steam, Civilization VI is about to eclipse 1,000,000 copies owned on Steam.

Steam Spy’s official count is currently sitting at 921,901, making it a matter of days before it crosses the one million threshold. Bear in mind that this doesn’t take into account whether or not a copy was purchased, let alone what price it was obtained for. Of course, without access to official developer/Valve numbers, there’s no telling the variance that could play into Civilization VI’s actual sales numbers compared to this figure.

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