Civilization VI Adds Mod Support, Australia DLC

A new update to Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is bringing a slew of new features including Steam Workshop and modding tools as well as multiplayer team functionality. You can check out a full fix list for the update here.

In addition to the new update, the first DLC pack  ‘Australia Civilization and Scenario Pack’ is also being released featuring Australia, leader John Curtin and a new scenario titled, ‘Outback Tycoon’.

John Curtin was the 14th Prime Minister of Australia and is considered one of country’s greatest leaders. He served as PM from 1941 to 1945, dying in office just a month before the end of the war in the Pacific, according to his in-game description.

Our review of Civilization VI called it, “a distinctly new and fun experience in a much-beloved setting.” Civilization is available now on PC, Mac and Linux