Clear River Games is Bringing Snow Bros. to the Switch

In the years since its release, the Switch has become something of a haven for classic games. Some of the old classics come from Nintendo via Nintendo Switch Online, but most are there because of third-parties both large and small. Today, a smaller developer known as Clear River Games has announced that they’ll be reviving Snow Bros. on the system.

Snow Bros. Nick and Tom is a 90’s-era platformer starring two snowmen: the titular “Nick” and “Tom.” These snowy heroes must save their kingdom by defeating the Evil King Artych, enabling them to rescue their princess and lift the snowman curse cast upon the land by said king. The new version, “Snow Bros. Special,” features co-op play and a new “Monster Challenge” mode that allows players to control the monsters for a change.

Snow Bros. Special will release later this year both physically and digitally, with the exact release date supposedly being announced soon.

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