Clipped Wings and a Sleek Board in SkateBIRD Reveal Trailer

Fingerboards were popular for about thirty seconds in the mid-2000s but with enough searching everything can find a useful niche.  A fingerboard is a cute toy for a human but the perfect ride for a little bird to bust out its best tricks on, and the pink birdie of SkateBird has a tiny little park and the moves to bring it to life.  SkateBird was revealed today with its first trailer and the game combines button-based skateboarding action with pure weaponized cuteness, reviving the skating genre in the most adorable way possible.  Skate your best, rope in other birds on the social network Tweeter (TweetDeck was taken), and cheer up your big person by chasing the perfect line.  There’s a long way to go and a lot of work to do smoothing out animations and trick transitions plus prodding the camera until it follows the bird perfectly, but it’s all being worked on and what can’t be fixed will be bludgeoned into shape by the sheer overwhelming power of utter birdie cuteness.  Check out the trailer below for a major “D’awwwww…!” overload.