Close Castles Coming to PlayStation 4

Real time strategy’s always involve some sort of war or conflict between two groups. Close Castles is no different, but it just looks so much cuter and friendlier than those other mean games, doesn’t it?

Close Castles comes from Asher Vollmer, the same mastermind behind Threes!, which is a minimal, addictive math game on Android and iOS. Close Castles sticks to that minimalist formula to keep battles shorter, and your armies are tiny bears or long-nosed people that are all so damn adorable it’s almost a challenge to attack.

close castles 2

The goal is to keep building your kingdom while you’re continuously sending troops to destroy your rival’s fortress. And it looks likes swordsmen and magicians will be the loyal subjects protecting the king. Space is limited, so there’s obviously not enough room in the town for the both of you, or actually all four of you as local multiplayer is an option (and it looks like at least four factions can duke it out at the same time).

If you’re attending PlayStation Experience, you’ll get a chance to check it out. It’s slated for sometime in 2015, but we’ll keep you posted with any updates.