Closed Network Test Announced for Tekken 8

Bandai Namco has announced a Closed Network Test for Tekken 8 that will be broken down by platforms and region. It will last for two weeks with only the final week being available for Xbox Series X|S and Steam, while PlayStation 5 will get the full two weeks. July 21 – July 24 will be week 1 while July 28 – July 31 will be the second week. Tekken 8 will only be available on current generation platforms and PC. Registration is available now and closes on June 27 and it is broken down by region. Asia can sign up here, Europe here and America here.

While there has been no release date announced for Tekken 8 and with Summer Games Fest passing with no new information, it may still be a while before there’s further details. The game is slated to release this year and Bandai Namco has continued to announce fighters for the past few months. The Closed Network Test will offer only Ranked Matches (up to 10 rank) and also support cross-platform matchmaking. The team has decided to remove “Heat Energy” from the test and the upper limit of the “Heat Timer” will change depending on how the Heat is activated. Lastly, the “Heat Smash” command has been standardized for all playable characters.

Sixteen characters have been announced for the game and all of them will be playable in the test. This includes Kazuya, Jin, King, Jun, Paul, Law, Jack-8, Lars, Xiaoyu, Nina, Leroy, Asuka, Lili, Hwoarang, Bryan and Claudio. Players can expect five playable stages including the bright and vibrant Urban Square set in the evening, Yakushima the woodland river, Rebel Hangar, Sanctum which is the underground Japanese cavern, and finally the Arena where players fight in a giant octagon complete with a crowd and laser effects. Progression will not carry over to the full public release of the game.

Winners who gain entrance to the Closed Network Test will be notified via email. This will occur for PS5 players on July 19 and Xbox Series S|X and Steam on July 26. The game is still under development so this will not be the final product. The aim of this Closed Network Test is to test the network and monitor the gameplay experience of the game. The team does want feedback on the quality of the network and of gameplay via an online survey that is sent out after the test. This will be used to adjust the battle system. You can check out the trailer below.

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