Cloudbuilt Level Editor Finally Unleashed on Steam

Cloudbuilt is part precision platformer and speedrunning experience and all around an exciting game. For as great as developer Coilworks’ stages are, though, fans simply wanted more. That’s why the announcement of a Level Editor in February was big news.

Guess what, Cloudbuilt fans? The official Level Editor (version 1.0) is finally available. If you already own the game you simply need to download the latest update, as Level Editor access is a completely free addition. These tools are also implemented with Steam Workshop support so it’ll be easy to share and sample stages.

To help get new players involved, Cloudbuilt is discounted 50% down to $9.99 if you purchase before March 25th. Finally, Coilworks and Rising Star Games hope to motivate level creation by running a contest to win a MadCatz mouse. More details are available in the latest update.