Codename: Wandering Sword Combines Wuxia Storytelling and HD2D-Esque Artstyle

We have seen a few games use the HD2D art style between Octopath Traveler, Triangle Strategy, and the upcoming Live A Live remake – and now an indie studio is going to take a crack at a similar style for a new game. Xiameng is creating Codename: Wandering sword to craft a Wuxia-style tale with a similar look and visual design to Square-Enix’s newest games.

Players can explore a world full of characters and tackle enemies along the way. The environments all have a realistic look and animations are fairly robust too – shown off with a gorgeous horse riding sequence in the debut trailer. Wandering Sword appears to use a side-view grid-based battle system and will be released on PC via Steam. There isn’t a set release date, but it looks gorgeous and should offer up something a bit different from the JRPG norm.

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