Coffee Talk Brings Visual Novels, Simulation Together on PC, Switch

Visual novels have experience a nice resurgence in popularity over the last few years, but Coffee Talk does something different. While it does have the usual dialogue between characters, the goal of it is to help peoples’ lives that you encounter. What begins as just a way to serve them a warm drink becomes a means to help the residents through their issues and not only understand them, but the world around them better. It’s a slice of life-style game with an other-worldly twist as humans live alongside aliens.

The goal for the player is to enjoy the journey and relax alongside your player character, and refresh a bit if need be. Coffee Talk is available on PC via Steam and GOG, with the latter version being the best overall value. The cost is identical and you can still launch it via Steam if you want, but there’s no DRM to potentially prevent playback if you’re without internet. The game is also available on the Nintendo Switch, and a game like this is perfect for that platform as well.

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