ColecoVision Rises Again in New KickStarter Project

Released originally in 1982, ColecoVision from Coleco Industries helped advance the Golden Age of arcade gaming by providing a more powerful arcade experience than competitors (like the Atari 2600). Selling over 2 million units, ColecoVision became a household name. Discontinued in 1985, ColecoVision is back in a new KickStarter project known as “CollectorVision“. This project hopes to raise Coleco from its grave with twists fitting of a modern console.

Creating ColecoVision for the modern gamer, this version promises an FPGA console that can be enhanced from home and can “run other system cores when they are ported.” Better video outputs and potential sound amplification will also be included with this system, as well as compatibility with any previous Coleco title in order to make it the most up to date Coleco possible.

The KickStarter is currently live and taking backer payments with varying tiers of rewards. When completed, the CollectorVision will sell for $199. So far, the project seems to have quite a few interested parties. It just goes to show that Retro doesn’t die that easily.