Collectible Fallout Helmet Products Recalled for Mold Risk *Update*

Fallout just can’t seem to catch a break. The most recent iteration of the series, Fallout 76, launched to very underwhelming results. In addition to this, some related products that came with the game were far from the original concept and had to be replaced. Now, a more threatening collectible has been recalled by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.

A collectible model helmet of the T-51b Power Armor, seen in the Fallout video game series, is not suitable for use as it may contain or risk having mold. If the fabric inserts inside the helmet can grow mold without being noticed this poses problems to those with mold allergies and compromised immune systems. It could cause infection or damage to ones immune system.

The product started selling in June 2019 at GameStop and consumers can return it for a refund. Visit the Product Safety Commission website for more information.

*UPDATE* In an email from Chronicle Collectibles it was stated only the Nuka Cola version of the helmet (seen below) has been affected by the recall. All consumers who have purchased the product have already been notified.