Colors Live Now Available on Nintendo Switch

There have been several painting programs on the Switch, but most have been coloring book-style apps that don’t offer much depth. Colors Live aims to turn a Switch into a portable art studio – complete with a physical pressure-sensitive pen when you buy the physical version, and it supports other styluses as well for those who buy it digitally. The sequel to Colors 3D on the 3DS aims to make anyone an artist thanks to challenges that help build them up from the ground up.

Colors Live uses modern painting techniques that were crafted for professional-grade drawing tablets and helps allow anyone who wanted to get into drawing to do so without a massive barrier to entry. The SonarPen is pressure-sensitive and enables different brush stroke thickness while the quest mode allows players to learn new skills every day and become better painters in real-time. The Colors gallery allows users to upload high-quality creations with the world and share their work with everyone. Colors Live will also be updated as time goes on with new challenges and drawing tools. The physical version will set you back $49.99, but comes with the pen, while the digital-only version is $29.99.