Combat and Homesteading in Len’s Island Release Date Trailer

In general there are two types of island to start a new life on.  The first kind has a peaceful village that’s seen better days in need of just the right resident to farm, craft, and socialize it back to life, while the other has slightly fewer people and significantly more monsters, requiring just the right resident to farm, craft, and fight the island into shape.  Len’s Island is the latter type, peaceful on the surface but with with a network of caves and dungeons that are significantly more dangerous than the easy crafting life up top would suggest.  Thankfully the beasts of the caves are happy to stay where they are, so if the new resident wants to spend a good couple hours setting up the homestead just right the dark mysteries will be there, waiting patiently to be explored after the crops to come in.

Len’s Island has had a busy life so far, going from Kickstarter in 2020 to a Steam Next Fest demo early this summer, and it’s just about ready to drop into Early Access.  A little later than initially planned, maybe, but November 26 isn’t that far off and maybe not quite so crowded a launch window as October is looking to be.  The new trailer shows a good look at Len’s Island gameplay, from the modular construction of a house to repairing the village, farming and harvesting resources, plus a chunk of Diablo-esque dungeon running to top it off.  Give it a watch below, and try not to think about how badly the poor adventurer needs to craft a strong pair of boots.