Comedian Trevor Noah to Host Battlefield V Reveal Event

Update: EA and DICE have officially confirmed that this year’s Battlefield title will indeed be called Battlefield V. Following Trevor Noah’s announcement, the official Battlefield Twitter changed its profile picture, cover photo, and Tweeted out the following message:

Original Post: EA and DICE are turning to Comedy Central comedian Trevor Noah to help them announce Battlefield 2018.

Last week, EA and DICE hid the reveal date for Battlefield 2018 inside a cleverly crafted Battlefield 1 Easter Egg. After following a series of clues, players were guided to a secret website confirming that the game would be officially revealed on May 23. Today, we got some more news about the event.

Trevor Noah, who hosts The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on Comedy Central, revealed via Twitter that he’ll be hosting the May 23 event. Furthermore, he hints that the game will be called Battlefield V, which has long been a rumored title for the 2018 game.

Battlefield 2018 is expected to launch this October and take place during World War II. On May 23, all the rumors and speculation will finally be put to rest when Trevor Noah takes the stage and announces what the game is. Be sure to check back for the full announcement.

Expect to see a lot more about Battlefield 2018 at E3 2018 next month.