Conan O’Brien Reviews Watch Dogs, Is Indeed A ‘Clueless Gamer’

Conan O’Brien isn’t a gamer, that much is evident. It’s true that he’s played enough games to qualify for some sort of honorary place among the dragon slayers and headshot experts, but his approach is odd and, at times, hilarious. Although it’s difficult to play a game like Watch Dogs wrong, especially with the amount of freedom allowed by Ubisoft, somehow Conan manages, perhaps for the sake of comedy, to miss the point of the experience entirely. And, as usual, it’s great.

Naturally, the score is pointless. It does, however, look like a blast — something any person with an internet connection should have seen coming, considering the plethora of fan-made videos that have been littering the web since the Watch Dogs leak.

Check back for our verdict on Watch Dogs on May 27.