Conflict Escalates in Battlefield 2042 Season 3: Escalation

EA and DICE today released the first trailer and details for Battlefield 2042 Season 3: Escalation.

Battlefield 2042’s next infusion of content arrives on November 22 when Season 3: Escalation officially launches. Like the previous two seasons, Escalation adds a new map, several new weapons, a new Specialist, and more to the game. There’s also a new Battle Pass containing new cosmetics.

Season 3’s new map is Spearhead. Housed in Sweden, players will duke it out in a semi-automated manufacturing facility. Helping out the cause are the Rorsch Mk-4 Railgun, NVK-S22 Smart Shotgun, and the NVK-P125 Bullpup Pistol. All are earnable for free within the Battle Pass during the season. There’s also the new Specialist Zain, who comes brandishing the XM370A Airburst Rifle. While Specialists aren’t going away, a mid-season update will break them out into the traditional class system. Other new additions include the EMKV90-TOR Tank, updates to the Manifest and Breakaway launch maps, and new assignments to unlock the XM8 and A-91 vault weapons..

Battlefield 2042 is available now on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.