Control AWE DLC Available Now Alongside Control Steam Ultimate Edition Release

Control has been receiving high marks since it was first released last September, and now the game is available with not only new DLC in the form of its second expansion titled AWE, but it’s also out on Steam as well. AWE is all about Altered World Events, where paranatural forces breach our world, and now you can explore that provided you have beaten the seventh main mission of the main campaign. After doing so, you will explore the Investigations Sector and fight a long-unseen creature.

The Ultimate Edition has also been released on Steam, which gives players access to all of the game’s DLC content as well for only $39.99. However, buying early will allow you to save 20% and you have until September 8 to get it for $31.99 – a pretty great savings overall when you consider how much quality content is featured. Owners of the digital deluxe version of hte game on the PS4 as well as season pass holders can get the AWE DLC, while those without it on Epic Games Store, PS4, or Xbox One can get the season pass for $25 – further showcasing what a deal the Ultimate Edition is on Steam since you get a lot more content for only $7 more. You can also get the Ultimate Edition on PC DRM-free via GOG on September 10. The Humble Store has the Ultimate Edition for a mere $25.59 if you’re a Humble Choice subscriber.