Cooler Master Announces New Lightweight Gaming Mice Line

Cooler Master has announced a new gaming mouse line that features both a wired and wireless solution. The MM730 and MM731 represent Cooler Master’s next generation of lightweight mice as the new ergonomic design will bring the weight down to under 60 grams. Along with an unperforated body, the MM730 and MM731 will both sport PFTE feet for gliding and additional grip tape to add to the mice. These will include a pro-grade optical sensor that maxes out at 19,000 DPI.

The MM731 is the hybrid-wireless version of the mouse line as it includes both 2.4 Ghz wireless and also Bluetooth connectivity. Players can expect a maximum battery life of 72 hours with 2.4 Ghz or 190 hours using Bluetooth. While the MM730 isn’t wireless, Cooler Master has included a new optical encoder for the scroll wheel. This provides advantages in responsiveness, durability and lag when compared to a mechanical scroll wheel. The MM730 will retail for $79.99 and the wireless MM731 will retail for $89.99 from Amazon when they launch on Wednesday.