Corpse Party Vita Shows Off Its Leading Ladies

Don’t let our Editor-in-Chief Steve Hannley fool you, he secret loves Corpse Party, for reasons we discuss at length in this podcast! But despite his denial of necrophilia — a denial that wreaks of insincerity, no doubt — the game is a fantastic visual novel that is in fact more than its fan service. While the series is out and out bat-shit crazy, it’s one that has garnered a cult-like following still. With two of the titles localized here in North American then, it goes without saying that the franchise’s devoted fanbase is chomping at the bit to get the forthcoming Vita installment in lovely English. While there’s been no talk of that at this point, we do have some screenshots of five of the game’s heroines. Series loyalists will be happy to see Ayumi Shinozaki returning, and will also like knowing that the game will continue the story of Book of Shadows.

Go ahead and scope the images below for a full look. Of course, if you’re just staring at this story wondering what in the blue hell “Corpse Party” is, just peep my review of the second entry in the series; it’s a doozy. 5pb’s newest Corpse Party will be available on Vita this spring in Japan.

Thanks for the screenies, Siliconera!