CORSAIR Officially Releases DDR5 RAM

CORSAIR has announced to coincide with the launch of the Intel 12th Generation Processors that it has begin offering DDR5 RAM for individual purchase. This RAM will increase the speed of RAM for the future as it requires a different slot than DDR4. CORSAIR is offering two different versions with the DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB DDR5 and VENGEANCE DDR5. Initially beginning with speeds at 5,200 MHz and capacities of up to 32GB per module, these are the first RAM chips to include on-board voltage monitoring. This allows for more finely tuned and safer overclocking than in the past. VENGENANCE DDR5 will offer a more low-profile look with a solid aluminum heat spreader on the module. iCUE Voltage Monitoring will be available by the end of the year while XMP 3.0 will come to select motherboards at a future date to allow for the overclocking. Pricing does start at just over $300 for 32GB sets and will be available in retailers shortly.

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