Cosmic DJ Launches on Steam and iOS Today

Cosmic DJ is one weird game. In its most basic form, players gain access to a fun music sequencer while going on adventures. Your goal is simply to create musical tracks to play along with one of six stages. The “story” of each stage goes from reuniting loved ones to going on an intergalactic journey with a dog.

All this wackiness makes for a pretty fun, if brief, experience. Cosmic DJ launched out of Early Access today on Steam and is also debuting on iOS. Although some PC gamers might be opposed to smartphone apps on principle, this is a game that benefits from a touch screen. Playing with the sequencer by clicking around just doesn’t feel as organic as touch functionality sounds.

Cosmic DJ is available on Steam at a discounted $2.69 until November 6. The App Store carries no discount meaning the game costs $2.99 through there.