Cozy Little Sizeable Demo Lands on Steam

Bigger isn’t always better, and sometimes can be actively unhelpful.  The right size of a thing can be a variable requirement, and in Sizeable that can change from one puzzle to the next.  Sizeable is a game about playing with cute little dioramas, figuring out the secrets in each unique scene to find the three stones to open up the next level.  The major action of the game is resizing objects, which may not sound like much but is enough to change seasons and weather, raise the tides, and even open the hidden chambers of a pyramid.  It’s a clever and lovely series of puzzles, and the demo just launched today on Steam.  Much as I’d like to talk about it more, Sizeable is such a focused game that anything I say beyond the above wanders into spoiler territory.  Head on over and give it a play, or if Steam doesn’t make you happy there’s always too.  Or at least take a peek at the new trailer below, which only gives away a small handful of puzzles.  With each of the demo’s four levels being like a cookie-sized snack it’s probably best to just play, though, enjoying each new discovery with the knowledge that’s all there is until the full game shows up late this year.