Comfy VR City-Builder Little Cities Constructs a Reveal Trailer

Creating a city is hard.  People have wants and needs, industry and business have completely different requirements, and everything needs utilities to tie the lot together.  Toss in the need to manage a budget and designing a town can be a nightmare, which is why sometimes it’s nice to throw the worst of the financial concerns out the window and just lay down a few zones to see what pops up.  Little Cities is a simplified city-builder designed for VR, where you can build a cute little metropolis on a cluster of islands with a little bit more concern than laying down blocks, but not much.  Industry and Business zones can work wherever there’s room but Residential zones have a strong case of NIMBY going on, so it’s necessary to take a some care in the overall design of the urban landscape, but the primary goal is to enjoy creating a nice little town of your own.

I’ve gotten to play a bit of the Little Cities demo in advance of today’s announcement trailer and have been enjoying changing my archipelago into a cheerful metropolis.  Water towers keep people hydrated, windmills and eventually a solar farm provide power, cell towers activate data services because it’s 2021 and that’s as much a necessity as the other two utilities, plus unique buildings and new services show up as the city level increases.  It’s honestly relaxing to just kick back and zone a few chunks of land, watching the islands get more developed while not having to sweat the budget too much.  Pack everyone in like sardines while exploiting every possible develop-able tile of land, or spread things out for a bit of greenery, it all works so long as the people are happy.

Little Cities announced its existence today and, while the full game is still far off in an undefined Spring 2022, the trailer does a good job of showing off the tranquil urban planning ahead.  It’s basically playing with a toy city in VR and sometimes that’s just about as complicated as a builder needs to be.

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