Crackdown 3 Unveils Wrecking Zone Multiplayer Mode

It’s been a long while since we’ve had any mention — or promotion for that matter — about Crackdown 3’s additional multiplayer mode outside of confirmation of co-op within the main story mode. With the game’s troubled development which has led to many a delay, not to mention Microsoft’s dialling back on talk of Xbox One’s use of “the cloud” within its roster of games as the years have gone by, the question remained as to whether or not Crackdown 3 — which initially boasted integration of cloud technology in its in-game physics engine — would still have such a mode upon release.

Fortunately, Microsoft have finally found it fit to unveil that yes, Crackdown 3 will incorporate the ambitious use of cloud technology in its new online mode, Wrecking Zone. Wrecking Zone is a 5v5 mode that has players darting about a destructible environment, taking down the opponent team while blowing up a few walls and buildings along the way. While it was also confirmed that the mode would incorporate some form of player customization to one’s character, it was all hush-hush sadly about the finer details as to how this will be incorporated. Check it out below and see for yourself. What’s more Crackdown 3 has found itself being pushed forward a week and will now release on February 15.