Crash Bandicoot 4 Brings Back Tawna as Playable Character

Last month, developers Toys for Bob detailed some new gameplay features for the upcoming Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time, including the reveal of levels where you control Dingodile as a playable character. Combined with the earlier reveal of levels where you get to play as Cortex, this hinted at the possibility of more playable characters to come. And sure enough, in an episode of PlayStation Underground, Toys for Bob helped showcase the final playable character in Crash Bandicoot 4, and it’s none other than the return of Tawna!…Well, okay, as the cutscene in the episode below explains, it’s an alternate timeline version of Tawna (fitting into the whole time travel theme), but the return of Tawna nonetheless!

Despite being Crash’s girlfriend and a central figure in the first Crash Bandicoot game (albeit as a damsel in distress), Tawna has been notably MIA from the series for the longest time, with Coco having replaced her as the main female figure in the sequel. Outside of Easter eggs such as pictures and posters, her only other major appearance for decades was as a playable character in the 2006 DS party game Crash Boom Bang! Last year’s Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled remaster brought her back as an unlockable character, though, and now here we are in Crash Bandicoot 4 with her first major role as a playable character in one of the main platforming games.

So this version of Tawna, sporting a new ’80s makeover, is apparently a seasoned adventurer who was actually the hero in their world and is a bit of a loner now, but will act as Crash and Coco’s guardian angel. This is discussed by the team as being part of a series of optional “timeline” levels that showcase how the actions of Tawna, Cortex, and Dingodile impact the game’s plot in various ways. We also get to see how Tawna plays in-game, focuses on a more action-oriented style with a hook-shot and wall jump move used to get around. The PlayStation Blog has a deeper look into the character’s design, alongside some concept art, which is worth checking out. Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time arrives on October 2 for the PS4 and XB1, and those who pre-order digitally will be able to check out a quick demo of it, available September 16.