Crash Bandicoot 4 Details Gameplay Features in New Trailer

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time is set to come out soon in October, but with many people having played the remastered N. Sane Trilogy, clearly we know what to expect from a sequel, right? Well, while developers Toys For Bob are still aiming to deliver the same kind of challenging yet fun classic platforming as the original trilogy, they’ve placed a few new tricks up the bandicoot’s sleeve, which you’ll have to prepare for. And in the new narrated gameplay trailer, which you can check out below, we get to see a few of these tricks in action.

Aside from improved graphics, scenery, and animation, we see that little platforming bits like wall running and swinging on ropes have been added, alongside skins to unlock via various in-game challenges. We also get another look at the quantum masks, which allow for abilities such as gravity manipulation or begin able to shift certain objects in and out of existence. But the big surprise is the confirmation of additional playable characters. The debut trailer showed off Dr. Cortex being playable, but now Dingodile from Crash Bandicoot: Warped will show up for players to control as well, each with their own set of moves. May there be other familiar faces yet to be unveiled in Crash Bandicoot 4 as well?

Finally, there’s Inverted Mode, the game’s twist of Mirror Mode. Not only are the levels flipped around, but they’re given entirely new art styles, with some even affecting gameplay. There’s a blank level you have to spin paint onto, an old-timey film level where things are sped up, and even a classic underwater level. So Crash Bandicoot 4 looks like it’s doing all it can in order to be a superb platformer that can stand alongside its PS1 ancestors, and we’ll see if that’s the case when it comes out on October 2 for PS4 and XB1.

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