Crash Turns Some Heads with Reveal of Crash Team Rumble

It’s probably safe to say that nobody was expecting to see Crash Bandicoot at The Game Awards 2022, yet not only did he show up, he did so in as part of a brand new party battle game: Crash Team Rumble. Indeed, fans will so be able to go head to head in teams made up of both heroes and villains.

Crash Team Rumble seems to incorporate elements from games like Overwatch and even League of Legends. Characters each have their own abilities and roles to play, but the goal isn’t necessarily to score eliminations against the opponents. Rather, everyone’s aim is to gather and capture the most Wumpa Fruit possible, with the win going to whichever team manages to pull it off. Crash has been on something of a roll lately, so hopefully this one will add to that momentum rather than arrest it.