Creative Assembly Announces Total War: Pharaoh, It’ll Be Ready to Rule in October

A new Total War game is on the way, and it’s going back even further than the legendary battle of Troy. In Total War: Pharaoh, players will be thrust into the Egyptian New Kingdom period at a time when the great Nile civilization is in dire need of the leadership of a new king. Power almost never passes peacefully though, and players will have to outflank and outmaneuver the competition in order to see their vision for Egypt come to pass.

Players will enter Total War: Pharaoh about when the current pharaoh dies, and they’ll have their choice of eight factions from either the Egyptians, the Canaanites or the Hittites to back their claim on the throne. How players take power is up to them, be it through peerless diplomacy, heroic military campaigning or striking fear in all as a ruthless warlord. Take it they must though, because if they don’t, someone else absolutely will.

Features announced for Total War: Pharaoh so far include dramatic weather effects and fires, which can arise suddenly and potentially change the face of the battle. It can be either a great hindrance or a great asset, but those that’d rather not deal with it will likely be able to adjust it in the new Campaign Customization feature. Those who use it will be able to adjust things like starting positions, resource settings and even mess with natural disasters if they want. Extra challenges and easy administrations are both possibilities with this.

Total War: Pharaoh will release for PC in October but is available to pre-order now via either Steam or Epic Game Store, and is being offered in Standard, Deluxe and Dynasty Editions. Standard $59.99 will be is just the base game. The deluxe version will be $72.87 and include the base game, “DLC Faction Pack 1” and a digital soundtrack. As for the Dynasty Edition, it will sell for $91.46 and include the following:

  • Total War: PHARAOH base game
  • DLC Faction Pack 1
  • DLC Faction Pack 2
  • DLC Faction Pack 3
  • DLC Campaign Pack
  • Digital Soundtrack

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