Creative Assembly Partners With NetEase, Brings Total War to China

Total War will soon reach a whole new audience thanks to a newly-minted partnership between Creative Assembly and NetEase. The chinese game publisher has acquired the right to distribute the entire Total War catalog in China, including this year’s Total War: Three Kingdoms. China is a market with massive potential, so the idea that Creative Assembly wanted to expand into it should come as no surprise. “We are very excited for Creative Assembly to partner with a leading company like NetEase,” said President and COO of SEGA Europe Gary Dale. “SEGA Europe are looking forward to expanding the business in China, as it is the fastest-growing market in the industry.”

There’s quite a bit of room for the series to grow there, which is probably why NetEase sounds rather excited about the new venture too. “NetEase is very pleased to work with Creative Assembly, a leading game developer in the strategy games genre, to bring the critically acclaimed Total War series to players in China,” said Ken Li, Vice President of NetEase Inc. “We see great potential in this long-term strategic partnership.”

Creative Assembly also took the opportunity to announce Total War: Elysium, a new collectible card game. It’s set to launch in China first due to the great popularity of such games in the region. It will, of course, be coming west too, but Creative Assembly has yet stated when that might be.