CREED: Rise to Glory Releases September 25

Survios has announced that CREED: Rise to Glory will release on PlayStation VR, Steam, Oculus and VR Arades September 25. This VR boxing games takes from the Rocky film series and will feature prominent characters in the game. You can pre-order now and a PSVR physical release will be available. Playing as Adonis Creed, you will train with the legendary Rocky Balboa in iconic gyms. This will include Might Mick’s and Front Street Gym. From there, you will take on seven champion-level opponents in high-stake fights that features reactive commentators, gritty visual effects and dynamic music. This will all be properly replicated with your system’s appropriate motion controls with Survios motion tracking. Creed II will launch in movie theaters November 21. Check out the trailer below and you can read our E3 preview here.