Cris Tales Developers Respond to Demo Feedback in New Video

If there was one game at E3 that clearly took us by surprise this year, it was Cris Tales, the upcoming RPG from Dreams Uncorporated, SYCK, and Modus Games. It was first revealed at the PC Gaming Show, where we thought it looked pretty nifty. And then we actually got to see a demo of it. Now all of a sudden, it racks up four nominations at our Best of E3 awards, including Game of Show! And thankfully, everyone else would be able to experience it, as a playable public version of the demo was released. And now, having gained feedback from the demo, Dreams would like to respond to it, as seen in the new video below.

For those of you who haven’t checked the game out yet, Cris Tales centers around Crisbell, who has just become a Time Mage. And just as they’re needed, as the evil Time Empress is threatening to tear the land apart. So now Crisbell has to team up with various friends and use their new Time Magic skills in order to take the Empress down. In the clip, executive producer Derek Neal points out how the Time Magic mechanics were one of big highlight for players, with some of them spending over two hours in the demo just so they can view more of this world and see its past, present, and future all at once. The art style was also highly praised, with the hand-drawn artwork and Colombian influences making quite the impact. The Paper Mario-inspired timing-based combat was also a hit.

There were some issues, though. Notably, there were a couple of minor flubs in the voice acting and audio, and Dreams is now working to fix these issues. Some have also said the combat was too simplistic, but Derek also details how Time Magic plays a bigger part in the combat’s strategy later on (speaking as one who got to see more of it in action, I can confirm this). But even with these quibbles, player reception was still highly positive overall, suggesting a bright future for Cris Tales. And with the demo still available on Steam, you can check it out for yourself. Cris Tales is due out in 2020 for all major platforms, and we cannot wait for more of it.