Cris Tales Shows Off Twenty Minutes Of New Gameplay

Developers Dreams Uncorporated and SYCK have been impressing many so far with their upcoming RPG Cris Tales, ever since its debut at E3 last year. Heck, it was basically number eleven on our list of the Most Anticipated Games of 2020. So unsurprisingly, it’s quite a joy to see publishers Modus Games giving it a full twenty-minute gameplay spotlight. You can check it out below, and get a taste of our heroine Crisbell’s journey to defeat the evil Time Empress.

Set in a part of the game where Crisbell has teamed up with some new friends/party members, our crew is tasked with investigating the mysterious disappearance of a mining crew, and to see how it’s affecting the city. Immediately, we get to see Crisbell’s powers as a Time Mage right off the bat, allowing them to view into the past, present, and future all at once, showing locations throughout various stages of their history. You may see a member of high society back in the past as a former rebel…or see an entire district submerged underwater after a terrible accident. And should you need something extra from a time period – such as blueprints to help someone extract red crystal from old equipment – our helpful frog friend Matias can be sent into these periods as well.

The second half more focused on showcasing combat. The turn-based combat features a nice bit of strategy as you attempt to plan out a proper sequence of moves needed to defeat various enemies, but a true highlight is seeing Crisbell’s ability to use time crystals in order to send enemies into the past and future, even changing their forms if possible (like with an older slime drying up a bit more). Alas, like many videos of this nature, it ends before a climactic boss battle. But even in its rougher alpha state (where a few pieces of voice acting the seem to be absent), Cris Tales is an ode to classic RPGs dripping with a ton of potential and style, and should not be missed out on when it comes out later this year for all major platforms.