Croteam Announces VR Everything, Serious Fusion Update

Croteam has been big on VR lately, thanks to Serious Sam: The Last Hope and the remade Serious Sam: The First Encounter.  A large blog post at the site today confirms what that’s all about, and what the future holds for Croteam, VR, and Serious Sam, with a little bit of Talos Principle in there for good measure.  The First Encounter VR is a direct result of Croteam experimenting with FPS locomotion after fans asked for the feature in The Last Hope, and rather than ditch the entire project and rebuild from scratch the company released a second Early Access game two months after the first.  The success of the process has set in motion plans to adapt all the games to the new format, although they’ll need to wait until after the current lot has been properly released.  Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, Serious Sam: BFE, and The Talos Principle are all in the works for VR, being tended to by a special team within the developer so as not to interfere with the other games and projects in the works.

Croteam’s main focus is Serious Sam 4, which only gets mentioned in this update as a reassurance that it’s still coming along.  No new screens, news, or trailer, sadly, but it’s coming.  More focus is given to Serious Fusion, which is a massive engine update for all of Croteam’s games.  Smaller save files, cloud saving, multiple types of controller support, VR and non-VR cross-game multiplayer, 64-bit executables, Vulkan support, better physics, improved modding support, and a pile of other updates and optimizations round out the package.  Croteam has a lot on its plate, and if there’s no release date for anything but the pending Last Hope update (“available right after internal testing”) it’s still a lot to look forward to for VR and Serious Sam fans.