Crucible Development Halted, Developers Issue Final Update

It looks like Crucible is no more. The announcement came today via a final update post on the Crucible website. It seems that the team simply doesn’t see a “healthy, sustainable future” for Crucible despite enthusiastic support from the game’s player base. The team thanked fans for all the help and feedback provided after the closed beta opened in July. No specific reasons were given for the team’s decision, but one likely factor could be the game’s struggle to find a large enough audience following its very rocky initial launch attempt at the tail end of June.

There will be a few more events held for Crucible over the next couple of weeks. These include a final playtest and a community celebration event. Matchmaking will be disabled once these events conclude, but custom game servers will remain active until November 9. Players who made purchases in-game need not worry about losing their investment though, as Amazon will be granting full refunds to those who seek them. After all of this is over, the Crucible team will be moving on to help with New World and other ongoing projects within Amazon games.