Cruis’n Blast Now Available on Nintendo Switch

The Switch has been a haven for arcade-inspired racers – but it has seen very few actual arcade racers. We have seen ports of time-tested classics like Virtua Racing and Outrun, and games like ’80s Overdrive and Horizon Chase Turbo have helped keep the arcade spirit alive with high-quality experiences. However, Raw Thrills’ announcement that the Cruis’n series was coming home to the Switch was an exciting one as it has been many years since we have seen a true entry in the series.

With a bright, vivid art style and 23 vehicles to race with, players can enjoy insanely fast action on 29 tracks while grabbing cash along the way. Cruis’n Blast is available now on both the eShop and it also got a physical release as well. The physical release was a pleasant surprise as the Cruis’n name is still a memorable one and the Switch’s wide age range for its userbase means that one could easily grab it as an impulse buy and be won over right away with not only the game, but the console itself.