Crusader Kings III: Royal Court Calls for Assembly on Consoles

Paradox Interactive is known for quality grand strategy titles that range across all genres and gameplay styles. With the recent addition of Crusader Kings III to the eponymous franchise in 2020, Paradox has announced that the sprawling historical war game plans for the new expansion, Royal Court, to launch on PlayStation and Xbox consoles in May. Already available for PC, Royal Court has players stepping into their own fully immersive throne room. Get ready to impress vassals and courtiers with the spoils of war and display unique treasures. The throne room comes to life with a vast range of drama and intrigue. Step into a fully 3D realized space and pass judgement on those seeking arbitration, or watch as your courtiers scheme for power. The new expansion Royal Court, for Crusader Kings III, will release on PlayStation and Xbox this May 17.


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