Crysis 3 Launch Trailer is Here to Take Names and Rock Faces

The highly anticipated Crysis 3 was released on Tuesday, but that doesn’t mean that Crytek is done hyping you for the game. The global launch trailer was uploaded to the Crysis YouTube account yesterday, and I’d suggest calling your local mortician¬†if it fails to get you amped up, because you are clinically dead. The trailer is equal parts praise from reviewers and gameplay footage, but mostly it is fire, explosions, and really big guns. The whole thing is so amazingly over the top and insane that it borders on parody, but it would be hard for someone to argue that it doesn’t at the very least look impressive.

ZZ Top’s Sharp Dressed Man plays throughout the background of the entire video, but only because the guy they sent out to get audio of bears mating never returned. I’m not sure if it is physically possible to cram more explosions into a trailer and sitting too close to your monitor will singe your eyebrows. It is like the director scrawled the words “MORE EXPLOSIONS” on the wall after taking a shot of adrenaline to the heart and running around naked through the office, and the programmers just went with it. If you’re still wavering about a purchase, I’d suggest checking out the trailer below, because it tells you basically everything you need to know about the game, which is: GUNS AND EXPLOSIONS KA-BLAMO.